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Animal Body Language​


Learning how to read your animal's body language is key to understanding how they feel and being able to communicate effectively with them.

This will be a base guide on how to do read them and interpret how they feel.

Animal Body Lanuage eBook
Publications & Articles
Horse Sport Canada October '17 Issu
Horse Sport Canada
October Issue 2017

I am featured in an article discussing Alternative Health Therapies for horses. More specifically, I provided information on Cold Laser therapy, Equine Iridology, Bach Flower Essences, and Essential Oils.

There are also pictures of me performing laser therapy on a local horse and a typical iridology photo with barn lighting.

essential oils article
Essential Oils for Dogs article

I wrote an article for a dog blog called Dog Dish York Region about Essential Oils. You can find it on their website (

It covers why they work, how they work, safety, and common issues they can be used for (both behavioural and physical).