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Publications & Articles
Horse Sport Canada October '17 Issu
Horse Sport Canada
October Issue 2017

I am featured in an article discussing Alternative Health Therapies for horses. More specifically, I provided information on Cold Laser therapy, Equine Iridology, Bach Flower Essences, and Essential Oils.

There are also pictures of me performing laser therapy on a local horse and a typical iridology photo with barn lighting.

Essential Oils for Dogs article

I wrote an article for a dog blog called Dog Dish York Region about Essential Oils. You can find it on their website (

It covers why they work, how they work, safety, and common issues they can be used for (both behavioural and physical).

essential oils article
Equine Body Talks Podcast Logo.png
Equine Bodytalks Podcast - March 10th, 2021
Acupressure - Tallgrass Canada with Jesse McCowan

I am featured in a podcast episode discussing an introduction to Animal Acupressure and how it can be used to benefit horses.

We talk about what Acupressure is, how it works, and typical issues that I have helped horses with.

Equine Bodytalks Podcast - June 9th, 2021

Transitions from Spring to Summer

I am featured in a podcast episode discussing the importance of seasonal transitions for equine wellness.

Carol Yates, a Tallgrass alumni, and I discuss how Acupressure can be used to ease seasonal transitions and help horses energetically move throughout the year.

Equine Body Talks Podcast Logo.png
Women and Dogs Circle.png
Women and Dogs Circle (See What She Can Do)
Acupressure with Jesse McCowan of Birch Animal Wellness and Tallgrass Canada

I did an educational talk for a local Women and Dogs group about how Acupressure works and how it can benefit their dogs. We discovered their most common concerns with their own dogs and I demonstrated acupressure points to assist and how to find them anatomically.

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