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York Region Forest Trails 2.0


After the first few times I posted pictures from Kaia and my hikes on the trails, I had people surprised that they were so close by! So I decided to hike them all and write reviews so that you can choose the one that works best for you.

This covers location, length, maps, water, elevation changes, safety, quality, tree coverage, etc.

A big thanks to my research assistant, Kaia!

*recently updated to include the new trails!

Eco-friendly tips​


For Waste Reduction Week, I created this little checklist to give you inspiration for simple ways you can reduce the waste in your household.

Most are very simple, so why not work together to help the planet on the daily?

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End of Year Reflection


I'm a strong believer in the power of a solid reflection routine. For those that can't do it every week or every month, I put together a brief yearly reflection.

You are welcome to adapt the questions to suit yourself and use them to create a more regular practice.

       Canine               Feline            Equine
Pet Hygiene Trackers


While most of us lead very busy lives, sometimes our pet's (and our) hygiene takes a back seat.


These are little trackers that you can stick inside your pet's food cupboard to help you stay on track with the basics. Feel free to add your own tasks in the extra rows at the bottom.

Immune Boosting Acupoints


During the COVID crisis, here are some immune boosting acupressure points to help keep you and your animals strong and healthy.

This includes the anatomical locations (on a dog) though it can be easily translocated to humans. As well as the energetics, category of point, and the function.

Pictures courtesy of Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Resources. 

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Alternative Wellness Therapies Webinar


For those that are interested in learning more about the therapies I provide. In this webinar, I've gone over a brief history of each one, how each one works and the theories behind it, as well as what behavioural, spiritual, or physical issues it can help with. Enjoy! As always, if you have any questions or want to discuss more, email me at


Flower Essences - 5:10 - 11:10

Acupressure - 11:11 - 25:38

Reiki - 25:39 - 30:19

Animal Communication - 30:20 - 33:20

Iridology - 33:23 to 40:57

Cold Laser - 40:59 - 45:03

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