Allergy Remedy for Horses

horse 4.jpg

It is very common for horses nowadays to have allergic reactions to toxins in their environment or their food.


It can present as anything from sneezing or itching to rashes or hives. Depending on how quickly the symptoms appear, it can be difficult to pinpoint what is causing the reaction. I’ve seen horses have allergies to everything from mould or pollen to molasses or corn so knowing your pet’s environment is key.

It’s difficult as a pet parent to watch your horse itching constantly or even scratching to the point of bleeding. It is frustrating because you feel helpless and it breaks your heart. Luckily some allergies are only seasonal and these are also easier to pinpoint.

Approach: The first step is to figure out what the trigger is and to do this you and I will have a conversation about new things in the animal’s environment and diet. Once we have narrowed it down, I perform an Acupressure session on your animal to help the body detox. I can then recommend nutritional supplements to help flush the allergens from the horse's system.