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Rescue Remedy - Stress Relief for Pets
Rescue Remedy

While I use Bach's Flower Remedies in my every day practice, this is one gem I recommend to dozens of my clients. Whenever a pet has a specific fear, this is always my go to in addition to Acupressure or a customized Flower Essence

For example if your pet is afraid of going to the vet, I would give the pet a few drops under the tongue several minutes before you walk into the vet office. This way the pet's mind is calm when she enters the 'scary place' and will begin to attribute that mindset with that place.

It also works well for introducing new people to your pets, thunderstorms, loud noises, flashing signs, men with hats, doorbells, and any other specific fears.

Unfortunately not available at most pet stores, but can be found at some Health Food Stores (Healthy Planet) or IDA pharmacies.


These little rubber buddies saved me when Kaia was a puppy. To keep your dog occupied for a short time, you can stuff them with all kinds of treats, chunks of fruits and vegetables, or sugar-free peanut butter! See a guide on how to stuff them for maximum play time.

The size depends on your dog and their chew intensity, but be sure to upgrade to a larger size as they grow. Make sure to clean and inspect them for cracks or missing pieces regularly.

Using these will also diminish your dog's excess energy that it won't direct towards your couch or favourite pair of shoes.

kongs for dogs
Easy Walk Harness for Dogs
Easy Walk Harness​

This is hands-down my favourite find when Kaia was a pup. Being an Aussie, she wanted to run everywhere and walking her was a huge struggle. When someone mentioned these to me, I did some research.

What did I find? Front-fastening harness are the best way to stop your dog that pulls you everywhere. While the back-fastening harnesses encourage your dog to lead the walk, the design on these allows you to redirect your dog towards where you want.


My shoulders were very happy when I got this. Make sure to size properly in store before you purchase. To get your dog comfortable with it, use behaviour shaping and lots of treats. 

Available at most pet stores.

Bungee Leash​


This find was the other saviour of my shoulder with Kaia.

Why do I like it so much? Even if your dog still pulls, it takes the pressure of you and allows you to enjoy the walk more. Unfortunately the clip gets stuck if it gets sand near it and it muddies easily and needs to be scrubbed or washed. 

Available at most pet stores.

Bungee Leash for Dogs
Shedrow K9 Tundra Dog Coat​


Want a coat that is easy to put on and take off, easy to clean, and insulated? Look no further. This beauty is made from the same material as horse blankets!

Comes in a variety of colours and sizes for those who prefer something fashionable. Can be found at Greenhawk or Bark n' Fitz.

Shedrow K9 Tundra Dog Coat
Dirty Dog Doormat


Soaks up water, mud and dirt. Extreme absorbency due to wicking power of thousands of micro fibre strands. Dries 7 times faster than regular doormats and easy to wash. For use in homes, cars, crates, under litter boxes, or food and water bowls. 

I actually got this as a 'Congratulations on the new puppy present' and am I so incredibly grateful because Kaia loves her mud. Found at most local pet stores.

Dirty Dog Doormat
Sleepypod Click It Sport Car Harness
Sleepypod Click It Sport Car Harness

The only canine car harness to pass the rigorous safety certification test used for child safety restraints and get a 5 star rating. Don't believe me? Watch

Can also be used as a walking harness however it has a back latch instead of a chest latch. Order from

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