Common Issues

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

The most common behavioural problem that I get called to work on is separation anxiety.

This usually stems from one of two influences: a traumatic experience or the energy of the household. Likely, this is due to the increase in anxiety in humans because of the rise of living costs, stress in our lives, and 'busyness'. Many pet parents don't know that animals are highly sensitive to the energy within their household and quite often gets their anxiety from the people in the house.

I’ve worked with animals that cant be left alone because they will destroy the house. Some start to bark or howl as soon as the owner leaves and others refuse to eat, go for walks, or socialize while their owner is away. I understand the guilty feeling when you have to leave them for longer periods of time, but a well-adjusted animal should be okay being alone as long as their bladder isnt full.

Household Approach: The first step in this case is to always speak with the owner about energy and how sensitive animals are to it. The therapy approach includes both Acupressure and Flower Essence for the animal to aid them in moving through the anxiety and not picking up on their owner's energy.

Trauma Approach: To be delicate with the animals likely sensitivity to proximity, I typically begin with Reiki to work through traumatic experience from a distance. It is important at this stage for the owner not to accidentally reward clingy behaviour in order for the animal to gain confidence and independence. Once animal is through majority of trauma, bi-monthly 'tune ups' of either Acupressure or Reiki until animal is comfortable being alone.

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Digestive Issues

This affects so many other aspects of the animal's life and tends to be the root cause of the presenting indicators for approximately half the animals I work with. What your animal eats is incredibly important and is the single greatest factor when it comes to their health. Almost 70% of a dog’s immune system is in the gastrointestinal system, so if they are eating poorly it will show.

I have years of first-hand experience with digestive issues as my dog, Kaia, has had a sensitive stomach since I got her. We’ve tried half a dozen foods, and a handful of digestive supplements to get a balance that works for her, but it was worth it. For me, my dog’s health is a big priority, as I’m sure it is for many other pet parents, and I want to help you worry less. ​

Approach: Firstly, you and I will talk about your animal's diet, lifestyle, and routine. I usually accompany this with a quick check for parasites using Iridology. The main part of the approach is to perform an Acupressure session to determine where the GI issue is coming from and do a detox if necessary. The last part is to make dietary and supplemental recommendations based on what is causing the digestive upset. Typically I also recommend a few follow up sessions for an Acupressure tune up.


It is very common for pets nowadays to have allergic reactions to toxins in their environment or their food.

It can present as anything from sneezing or itching to rashes or hives. Depending on how quickly the symptoms appear, it can be difficult to pinpoint what is causing the reaction. I’ve seen pets have allergies to everything from grass or pollen to chicken and fish so knowing your pet’s environment is key.

It’s difficult as a pet parent to watch your pet itching constantly or even scratching to the point of bleeding. It breaks your heart because you feel helpless and frustrated. Luckily some allergies are only seasonal and these are also easier to pinpoint.

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Approach: The first step is to figure out what the trigger is and to do this you and I will have a conversation about new things in the animal’s environment and diet. Once we have narrowed it down, I perform an Acupressure session on your animal to help the body detox and boost the immune system. I can then recommend nutritional supplements to help flush the allergens from the dog’s system.

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